Soil Nutrition

Take your five steps to improve soil fertility



  Soil testing – by taking a representative sample of your soil, you will understand the constituents of your soil and whether it has any nutrition requirements or not.


  With the assistance of your advisor, create a nutrient management plan for your farm based on your most recent soil test results. Following this, apply the correct amounts of nutrients as recommended.


  Based on your soil test results, correct the pH of your soil with ground limestone, if required.


  Optimise Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) levels to at least index 3.


Use slurry and fertiliser at the optimum times and on low P and K indexed fields.

Fortify 6

Fortify 6

Fortify 6

Soil & Grassland Trace Element Enhancer.

Contains: Calcium, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Iodine & Selenium.

Grass alone does not meet the mineral requirements of high performing livestock Fortify6 is the only way to ensure this animal mineral requirements are met. A sure way of providing required essential trace elements at grass to aid livestock health & performance


• Ensures that all cattle receive essential trace elements every day

• Grass becomes more palatable & digestible

– Resulting in improved grazing down of the regrowth

• Dairy cows can produce more milk from grass

• Beef cattle finish faster with improved carcass quality

• Animal trace element deficiencies and nutrient ‘lock up’ are overcome

• Health and fertility are improved

• Provides a liming agent for the soil

• Stimulates the growth of clover.


The essential nutrients supplied by Fortify6 are taken up by the grass root system. This continues throughout the whole of the grass-growing season whether the grass is grazed or conserved. As your animals consume the grass or silage, they take up these nutrients in every mouthful they eat.

Apply one 25kg bag per acre (62.5kg/ha) ideally up to 14 days before stock are expected to graze or 8 weeks before silage is due to be cut using a conventional spinner or spreader

Fortify6 can be applied in combination with fertiliser providing thorough mixing is achieved.

Only one application each year is necessary.

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