Tillage Crop Chemicals

Howard Farms has an extensive range of agro-chemicals for cereals, root crops, maize and grassland. All products are stocked in our purpose-built warehouse. We have advisors and sales personnel who are registered Pesticide Use Advisors. All our products are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) and carry PCS numbers. Farmers, contractors and personnel apply agro-chemicals must be registered Pesticide Users (PU) and the equipment used must be tested and approved for use.


The technique you use to spray crops is very essential to ensure good coverage and should be developed to fit the type of equipment that is being used. A sweeping motion over the foliage will allow the spray material to penetrate the crop and get to the underside of the leaves.


It is important when applying agro-chemicals to get uniform distribution of the chemicals throughout the crop foliage. Under dosing may not give the desired coverage and control needed. Recommended rates must be adhered to as overdosing is expensive, wasteful and may harm the environment.

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