Grassland Chemicals

Howard Farms has an extensive range of agro-chemicals for grassland applications. Our grassland chemical range caters for grassland farmers’ needs for reseeding and general grassland weed control. We encourage grassland farmers to implement best practice in reseeding and subsequent weed control.


Observing buffer zones alongside streams and rivers is very important for the environment. Our advisors and sales personnel are registered Pesticide Use Advisors. All our products are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) and carry PCS numbers. Farmers, contractors and personnel applying agro-chemicals must be registered Pesticide Users (PU) and the equipment used must be tested and approved for use.


Recommended rates must be adhered to to when applying agro-chemicals. Overdosing is expensive, wasteful and may harm the environment. Use the correct product for target weeds and allow for the presence of clover in the pasture.

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