Grass Seed Mixtures

Howard Farms supply an extensive range of grass seed mixtures for intensive dairy farms and drystock farms. We source our grass seeds from different suppliers to ensure our mixtures are suitable for our customers. Our premium mixtures contain some of the best grass varieties on the Irish recommended list with PPI indices up to 174.

We recognise the unique way in which Irish grassland is utilised as well as making up the most cost-effective part of rumen diets is the basis of our products. We take pride in how our products perform on farm and it is the on-farm performance that is the key driver in the growth.

Our Stockman’s Edge grass mixtures have been developed over time to ensure a quality sward is produced. Grass breeding is a slow game, but changes are always afoot, in the development of Stockman’s Edge we partnered up with Agway Milling and DLF Ireland to include varieties being developed at their research site in Ireland in our efforts to continuously improve our offering to farmers.

When formulating our grass mixtures for the right balance of not only yield and quality but also to ensure the best utilisation by the rumen we look at all the data available to us from both the breeder and state recommended lists. The most efficient way to test and separate candidate varieties at trial level is to use a haldrup harvester which is essentially a mini combine harvester for the plots. However, we also recognise that this method of selection will not validate the animal palatability or achievable actual grazing residual of varieties. To evaluate this, DLF started a grass partner program four years ago to assess varieties at farm level. It was immediately obvious that clear differences existed between varieties with varieties like Xenon and Aspect consistently delivering very low residuals and high utilisation rates pointing towards very high palatability.

Teagasc Moorepark took this a step further sowing down all the recommended varieties back in 2016. This year the results of this study are represented by a star system on the 2021 Pasture Profit Index (PPI) with 5 stars being awarded to varieties with only the best grazing utilisation. DLF are the only breeder with two 5-star varieties on the list which backed-up our findings at farm level.

Benefits of our Stockman’s Edge range include:


DLF Xenon is the top performing variety in Teagasc grazing trials. Xenon is the first NxtGen tetraploid brought to the Irish market. NxtGen varieties have a slender leaf and dense growth habit not associated with traditional tetraploids, combining the grazing ability and quality associated with tetraploids with the dense slender leaf associated with diploids.

DLF Aspect – Second to only Xenon in the Teagasc grazing trials. Aspect has a very high leaf to stem ratio ensuring quality in the leaf throughout the grazing season.


DLF Nashota is the second NxtGen variety to the Irish market and ranks up the top of the PPI (€200)– A new variety still waiting for the grazing score on the index but being a sister type to Xenon will be a top grazing variety. The perfect complement to Xenon in a grazing mix providing early spring growth and high quality.


DLF Bowie new to the 2021 PPI. Bowie is exceptional in it is an Ultra late heading diploid (16th June). Bowie is a leap forward in terms of Diploid quality for giving a very high-quality score on the 2021 PPI.


Our Advice

Paddocks with poor production and weed grasses, need reseeding to rejuvenate the pasture. Grazing and silage fields need reseeding on average every 7 – 10 years. Our selection of grass seeds mixtures is designed to deliver persistency and quality. All grass varieties in the Howard Farms premium range are listed on the Department of Agriculture Recommended list and ranked on the Teagasc Pasture Profit Index (PPI). Our Eco range contains varieties tested both in Ireland and the UK.

Grazing Mixture

HOWARD FARMS NO.1 INTENSIVE GRAZING MIXTURES  Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
AberChoice (D) Late 11th June 182
Nashota (T) Late 3rd June 200
Aston Energy (T) Late 1st June 138
Aberdal Clover 152
Total/Acre Bag 12kgs Avg PPI: 174


A leafy, highly productive grazing mixture combining the highest yielding leafy grasses; giving quality pastures and excellent graze out. Three premium grass varieties from among the top performing Irish tested grasses, in terms of yield and quality. This mix has a superior PPI index of 174. The mix contains 42% tetraploids, 50% diploids and 8% clover make up the mixture. The mixture is designed for well managed rotational grazing systems and is capable of delivering 15 tonne of DM per Ha.


AG50 HEAVY SOILS/RECLAMATION MIXTURES  Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
Toddington (D) Late 2nd June 95
Timing (D) Late 5th June 98
Glenstal (T) Intermediate 22nd May 102
Kintyre (T) Late 8th June 110
Comer Timothy Late  8th June 103
Clover Blend Medium
Total/Acre Bag 11.5Kgs


This versatile mixture combines two late diploids with an intermediate diploid and a tetraploid perennial. Timothy and a blend of 4 different clovers complete the mixture. This mixture gives outstanding persistency, ground cover and yields. Ideal grazing grass on farms with difficult soils and later turn out to grass. A compact heading date in early June makes this mixture a very economical option for cutting as well as grazing.


AUCKLAND GRAZING MIXTURE Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
Bowie (D) Late 16th June 152
Drumbo (D) Late 5th June 73
Nashota (T) Late 3rd June 68
Astonenergy (T) Late 1st June 200
Anurad (T) Late  5th June 128
Timothy/Coolfin White Clover
Total/Acre Bags 14Kgs

A long-term grazing mixture for grazing and silage containing both Nashota & Xenon which are top-performing varieties in Teagasc grazing trials. A high leaf-to-stem ratio mixture for high-quality palatable grazing with a high tetraploid content using dense tetraploids to ensure a closed sward.


PRAIRIE GRAZING & CUTTING MIXTURE Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
Boyne (D) Intermediate 22nd May 50
Elysium (T) Intermediate 27th May 157
Kerry (D) Late 2nd June 73
Smile (D) Late 4th June 68
Xenon (T) Late  7th June 128
Nashota (T) Late 3rd June 200
Total/Acre Bags 14Kgs

A long term permanent pasture for grazing and cutting mixture. An ideal combination of annual yields and silage yields. Very palatable tetraploids which are doing well in Teagasc grazing trials.


Other grazing mixtures like High Clover, Mixed Species, Sheep and Equine available to order.

Silage Mixtures



Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
Fintona (T) Intermediate 24th May 173
Aberclyde (T) Intermediate 25th May 225
Nashota (T) Late 3rd June 200
Abermagic (D) Intermediate 28th May 199
Crusader Clover Medium
Total/Acre Bag 12Kgs Average PPI 205


This premium silage mixture combines four grass varieties from among the top performing Irish tested silage grasses, for yield and quality. The average PPI index of the mix is an outstanding 205. The mix contains Intermediate grass varieties with compact heading dates around the end of May. 42% tetraploids, 53% diploids along with 5% clover make up the mixture. The leafy nature of the grasses in the mix will ensure you have the best opportunity of making high quality, high DMD silage.


AG10 CUT & GRAZE  Classification Heading Date Relative yield 2020
Boyne (D) Intermediate 20th May 102
Timing (D) Late 5th June 98
Toddington (D) Late 2nd June 95
Alfonso (T) Late 1st June 100
Clover Blend Medium
Total/Acre Bag 11.5Kgs


Three late diploids and one intermediate tetraploid with a blend of 4 different clovers, gives a 70 % diploid mixture for persistency and high yields. Ideal silage and grazing grass on drystock farms and on dairy farms with longer rotations and later silage making. Excellent ground cover scores and a compact heading date in early June makes this mixture a very economical option for cutting high yields and quality grazing.



WELLINGTON SILAGE MIXTURE Classification Heading Date Pasture Profit Index 2021
Nifty (D) Intermediate 28nd May 119
Kerry (D) Late 2nd June 73
Nashota (T) Late 3rd June 200
Xenon (T) Late 7th June 128
Aspect (T) Late  3rd June 122
Timothyy/Coolfin Clover
Total/Acre Bags 14Kgs

An outstanding silage mixture containing a wider heading date spread compared to other mainstream silage mixtures allowing for greater flexibility with cutting dates and ensuring on average higher silage quality over the lifetime of the ley. Suitable for two silage cuts with quality grazing. Excellent early seasonal growth with Nifty & Kerry and the addition of the highly palatabole Xenon & Aspect.


Other cutting mixtures like, Hybrid ryegrass, Italian ryegrass, coated seed mixtures and red clover are available to order.

Heavy Soils Mixture

A persistent mixture for difficult soils returning high yields of grass

Variety Heading Date Type Quantity (kg)
Majestic (D) June 6th Late Diploid 3
Oakpark (D) June 2nd Late Diploid 3.5
Glenroyal (D) Late Diploid 3
Timothy Digestible Grass 1.5
Crusader White Clover 1


This mixture is suitable for reclaimed land following drainage and remedial work:

  • Ensure adequate lime, P & K are applied prior to reseeding
  • Avoid poaching especially in the early years after reseeding
  • This mixture will deliver a dense sward suitable for heavy soils and drystock grazing systems
  • Contains varieties with good sward density to reduce the risk of poaching

Zero Grazing/Over Seeding Mixture

Variety Heading Date Type Quantity (kg)
Alfonso (T) June 1st Late Tetraploid 4.5
Aston Energy (T) June 2nd Late Tetraploid 4.5
Majestic (D) June 1st Late Diploid 2.5


  • Contains 78% tetraploid for rapid establishment
  • Graze every 10-14 days after sowing to allow new seeds establish
  • Suitable for zero grazing systems, for a 17-25 day cutting rotation


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