Calf Feeds

Our CalfMax range of feed caters for calves from their first concentrates, combined with milk replacer feeding, to the weanling stage.

CalfMax Baby Calf 19

The CalfMax Baby Calf 19 feed provides calves with their first concentrates and is an ideal combination alongside milk replacer feeding. Calves on automatic feeders or milk-bar systems require highly nutritious, coarse feeds to help with rumen development.


Our combination of nutritious ingredients includes; rolled cereals such as oats, barley and maize with rolled beans and soyabean meal as the main protein sources. Sugar beet pulp contributes digestible fibre and energy. Minerals and vitamins are also included specifically for calf requirements.

CalfMax Grower Ration 16

This 16% protein ration is designed for supplementing calves from 12-16 weeks to the weanling stage. Protein level is set at 16% to ensure adequate weight gain during the first season at grass. Cereals and medium fibre ingredients supply adequate energy in combination with grass. Mineral constituents in the ration are formulated to fulfil young animal requirements and support animal health.

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