Calf Milk Replacer

Here at Howard Farms we supply a range of high quality Calf Milk Replacers. These premium calf milk replacers have been carefully developed to ensure the calf receives the nutrients needed in the correct quantity.
General Advantages of using Milk Replacer – enhanced performance from calves, higher live weight gains pre & post weaning, control of Johnes disease, flexibility in feeding times, consistency in the mix, improved overall health of the calf, fast growth and development of immune system, supplies probiotics acting as an intestinal flora barrier.

Agway Heifer

  • Agway Heifer

    Agway Heifer is a premium product developed to get your calves off to a great start. With 60% Skim Milk, rich in dairy ingredients, and egg immunoglobins, this formula will help your calves have better digestion and stronger immune systems. Agway Heifer contains 25% Protein, 21% Fat, 0.0% Fibre, 6% Ash

Agway Duo

  • Agway Duo

    Agway Duo is a premium Milk replacer for high performing dairy and beef calves. Formulated to exceed standards set, Duo delivers a range of protein, fat, and minerals for high performing calves; easy to mix and is suitable for all types of feeding methods including Automatic feeders. The addition of Skim, comprised of dairy proteins, adds benefit by providing highly digestible proteins to deliver high performance and gains to the growing calf. Agway Duo contains 24% Protein, 19% Fat, 0.1% Fibre, 7% Ash


  • Optimylac 150

    Optimylac 150 is a high-quality milk replacer that is designed for beef calves. Easy to mix consistently delivering results with an economic advantage. A high quality, whey based calf milk replacer containing 22% Protein, 18% Fat, 0.1% Fibre, 8% Ash. Optimylac 150 is ideally suited to economical rearing of bought in calves.

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