Dairy Feeds

Our Grass Match and DairyMax feed ranges offer a complete nutrient supplement solution for cows and replacement heifers on grass, silage and other forage diets.

Grass Match Dairy

The ingredients in this feed are selected to match the increased level of grass in the diet. First round grazing can supply 5-12kg Dry Matter (DM) per cow per day, concentrate feeding should continue at 4-8kg cow/day of our Grass Match No1 feed, along with silage as the weather dictates.


First round grazing supplies a lot of protein and good energy levels from a variable dry matter feed. The supplement can be varied from 14-18% crude protein and Calcined Magnesite (Cal Mag) is added at levels appropriate to concentrate level.


The variable fibre challenge of second round grazing is met by our Grass Match No2 dairy feed which has increased fibre levels to help maintain butterfat and protein percentages. Cal Mag is standardised at a 4kg rate. Crude protein is reduced to 14%.


Continue to feed Grass Match No2 for the remainder of the grazing season at 2-4kg to ensure your cows have adequate energy, fibre, minerals and Cal Mag throughout the breeding season and into the autumn. Increased mineral inclusions and bio-active additives are available for inclusion on request.

Dairy Elite Nut 14 - 18%

Our coarse feed ranges are also available in nut form, with the same quality ingredients used to produce this high-performance elite range of dairy feeds. Feeding rates can vary from 2 – 8kg/head/day, depending on demand for feed and lactation stage. The inclusion rate for Cal-Mag can be specified when ordering.

Pre-Calver Dry Cow Feed

Our special pre-calver feed supplies an 18% protein ration with essential pre-calving minerals included. This concentrate can be fed at 2 – 3kg/head/day to dry cows prior to calving.

It is essential to have your silage analysed and a full diet assessment completed when using high energy and protein transition feeds.

DairyMax Premium

Our feeds in this range offer a complete nutrient supplement solution for cows on silage and other forage diets. The energy and protein content of your forage determines your supplementation strategy from dry cow feeding to peak production. Forage analysis is recommended for intensive dairying systems and diet formulation will provide matching concentrate options from our DairyMax Premium range. Principle energy sources in this range of feeds comes from Irish cereals and maize, while a major part of the higher protein requirements comes from soya bean meal. Other highly nutritious ingredients are also used to ensure adequate fibre levels in the rations, while maintaining diverse energy and protein sources.

DairyMax Replacement Heifer

This concentrate is designed for young stock from 6-15 months of age. Dairy replacement heifers will thrive particularly well on this nutritious feed as a supplement to silage and on restricted forage diets. Protein level is set at 18% to cater for forage quality variations, weight gain targets and stock type.


Dairy replacement heifers will benefit greatly from this nutritious feed at 1-3kg/head/day. Mineral and vitamin inclusion is standardised to help ensure maximum fertility in the following breeding season.

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