Dairy Feeds

Our Grass Match and DairyMax feed ranges offer a complete nutrient supplement solution for cows and replacement heifers on grass, silage and other forage diets.

Grass Match Dairy 14-15%

Grass Match 14% or 15% is the ideal complimentary feed for spring calving cows at grass.

The ingredients in this feed are selected to match the increased level of grass in the diet and feeding Grass Match should commence once cows are settled on grass. Cows consuming at least 5-8Kgs Dry Matter (DM) per cow per day, can be moved to lower protein concentrate feeds, while still having adequate energy to produce target peak yields. Feeding should continue at 4-8kg cow/day from turnout until peak yield has been achieved. The supplement level can be varied according to grass supply and weather, we ensure the Calcined Magnesite (Cal Mag) is added at levels appropriate to your advised concentrate feeding level.

The variable fibre challenge of second round grazing is met by our Grass Match range.

Some herds suffer butterfat % drops during the grazing season, we offer a combination of high fibre, yeast additive and buffers to help combat this problem and our aim is promote high yields and the maintenance of butterfat and protein percentages.

Continue to feed Grass Match for the remainder of the grazing season at 2-4kg to ensure your cows have adequate energy, fibre, minerals and Cal Mag throughout the breeding season and into the autumn. Increased mineral inclusions and bio-active additives are available for inclusion on request.

Dairy Feeds 16-22%

Our Coarse Dairy feeds vary from 16% to 22% protein and are the ideal feed for Autumn and Spring calving cows with prolonged feeding periods indoors and at grass.

The ingredients in these feeds are selected to match the high production targets set on farms. Protein levels can be adjusted to match different quality and type of forages being used on farms. The overall diet can consist of mixed rations in a diet feeder and smaller amounts of high protein/high mineral feeds in parlour. Varying supplement levels will be matched by specific concentrate feeds as requested or recommended by our nutritional Advisor.

Milk yields and constituents need to be monitored regularly during the lactation to optimise returns..

Specific formulations and balancers for Maize and Beet are available on request.

Dairy Elite Nut 14 - 18%

Our coarse feed ranges are also available in nut form, with the same quality ingredients used to produce the high-performance elite range of dairy feeds. Feeding rates can vary from 2 – 10kgs/head/day. High yielding herds benefit greatly from correct concentrate:forage ratios and balancing of total energy (UFL) utilisable protein and NDF in the diet. The demand for feed, milk solids output and the stage of lactation indicate the level of concentrate required. The inclusion rate for Cal-Mag can be specified when ordering to ensure the correct feeding rate relative to concentrate level.

Rejuvenate Dry Cow Feed

Our special pre-calver feed is a 20% protein ration with essential pre-calving minerals included. This concentrate can be fed at 2 – 3kg/head/day to dry cows prior to calving. The inclusion of soya bean meal, rolled oats, barley and wheat along with other protein and digestible fibre sources, ensures cows are boosted nutritionally during the dry period. Cows get a chance to “Rejuvenate” their muscles and mammary systems when forage is supplemented correctly. By including pre-calving minerals in the feed, you can be assured that each cow in the herd is availing of her mineral allocation. (We also sell the feed without minerals, at customers’ request)

It is essential to have your silage analysed and a full diet assessment completed when using high energy and protein transition feeds. Specific minerals and bio-additives can be included as necessary.

Replacement Heifer Feed 19%

This concentrate is designed for young stock from 6-15 months of age. Dairy replacement heifers will thrive particularly well on this nutritious feed as a supplement to silage and on restricted forage diets. Protein level is set at 19% to cater for forage quality variations, weight gain targets and stock type. Weanling Replacement heifers need to achieve growth rates of 0.6 – 1.0Kgs during their first winter. Silage quality and intake are nearly always inadequate to achieve this over a 150-day winter. Beef rations tend to be lower in protein and will not always deliver adequate protein, fibre, minerals and essential vitamins. Our Replacement heifer 19% ration is designed to meet all these needs at a feeding rate of 1-3Kgs/head/day and will help ensure enhanced growth over the winter and maximum fertility in the following breeding season

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