Distillers Grains

DISTILLERS GRAINS is produced from pressed residual (spent) grains, evaporated syrup and a centrifuged cake residue from the whiskey distillation process. Initially, water is added to milled corn or barley and malt, and processed in the brew house to extract sugars for fermentation by yeast. Distillers grains can be fed to all livestock in a wide range of feeding situations. Whether used as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), as a sole concentrate feed or even as a forage replacement, care should be taken to ensure sufficient long fibre is fed.
Whether fresh or ensiled, it is essential to exclude all air and water from the silo to successfully store the product. Failure to ensile properly may result in mould growth, loss of dry matter and reduction in nutritive value.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent Source of protein and energy.
  • Ideal as an inclusion for high yielding dairy feeds
  • Excellent supplement to cereals for beef cattle (finisher)
  • Valuable source of digestible fibre to improve rumen fermentation.
  • Very palatable and has been shown to enhance dry matter intakes.
  • Ideally suited for milk production helping maintain rumen function.
  • Excellent feed for beef cattle on low forage diets & those requiring intake boost.
  • Easily stored and incorporated into many feeding systems.
  • Excellent buffer feed in cases of grass shortage.

Feeding Rates

Dairy Cows

Up to 20kg/head/day fresh weight


Up to 20kg/head/day fresh weight

Typical Analysis

  • Dry Matter 30-32%
  • Crude Protein 28%
  • Oil 10%
  • NDF 43%
  • Starch 6%
  • Sugar 1%


*Dry matter basis except DM

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