Introducing MILJO

The Future of Animal Nutrition


What is MILJO?


MILJO is a modular solution which provides optimal nutrition for your herd based on individual herds performance targets to provide the optimal diet for all of your herds needs. We aim to optimize dietary balance while minimizing environmental impacts resulting in improved herd performance.


This exclusive solution makes animal nutrition simple. Our algorithm has been carefully compiled with the help of experts in the animal nutrition field with years of experience along with new advances in the field to provide the optimal diet for all your dairy and beef herds. By feeding in own farm parameters this solution will provide you with an optimal diet for each herd based on optimal performance output once the correct feed is provided to meet this demand.


MILJO allows you to be in control, as own farm feeds can be incorporated as well as knowledge based continually changing parameters such as grass growth, weather conditions and time of year incorporated.


MILJO can also aid in the reduction of methane greenhouse gas emissions as research has shown that up to 12% of dietary intake is used to produce methane which could be otherwise used for performance gains as low methane producing animals are more feed efficient. Reducing methane emission in dairy and beef animals is a win-win for both the farmer and environment resulting in a more efficient animals and lower greenhouse gas emissions output.


This solution can be changed at any time to meet your individual herds needs, easy to install and use, will promptly notify you to the needed changes required as variable conditions advance, as well as having a strong support service.


Invest today for the future of your herds nutritional needs, providing you the power to be in control.

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